OS//OS Conference has ended


OS//OS is a conference. But it’s also not your “normal” conference… below are some practical details to help make your OS//OS journey a bit more easier.


Registration will happen from 8am-9.30am on Monday. We will have three streams organised by your first name.


Consider all channels ‘open for participation!’ - help us amplify the content and experience of OS//OS by contributing via #OSOSNZ across social media.

  • Twitter: @OSOSNZ #OSOSNZ

  • Facebook: www.facebook.com/opensourceopensociety

Media Hub
Our Media team will operate from a hub at the back of the Auditorium. By contributing content to the hashtag you’ll be helping to create content for them to use. Stay tuned to #OSOSNZ and follow the live blog here: http://www.scoop.co.nz/stories/HL1608/S00055/open-sourceopen-society-conference-live-blog.htm

We have invited Mark Tantrum as our photographer. If you do not wish to be photographed please speak to Silvia (Event Director & MC) or Helen (Event Producer). If we do not hear from you we shall assume consent.


There is free wifi throughout the Michael Fowler Centre - up to 8 hours per day

  • Access: Positively Wellington Venues
  • Click: I accept

Charging Stations
Thave set up charging stations for your use - these are positioned on all three floors.

Please note: You can leave your device to charge - but you do so at your own risk.

Health, Safety and Accessibility

Parents room
We have set up a private parent rooms for those who need this space. If you require this, please talk to one of the OS//OS team at the ground floor information desk.

Silent room
For those of you who need a bit of silent space - we have setup up a space in the board room on the second floor.

Chill zone
We also have a chill out zone. Come hang out on the bean bags for a bit on the first floor promenade wings.

Code of Conduct
Please make sure you are familiar with our Code of Conduct. We take this very seriously and will not tolerate any behaviour that goes against it. Please contact Helen (027 378 7432) should you have any concerns.

Code of Generosity
We will be creating a code of generosity throughout the conference - we would love to see you open your ideas of contribution and participation!

All our food is vegetarian.

League of Live Illustrators Competition

Get those creative juices a-flowin! The League of Live Illustrators and OS//OS bring you a colouring in competition slash copywriting competition (for the visually challenged amongst you…).


  1. Grab the comp (available from Tuesday morning).
  2. Colour it in/add your amazing copy
  3. Take a photo and tweet it to @QuickDrawers using the conference hashtag #OSOSNZ
  4. Hang it up on the notice board on the first floor
The winner will be chosen by the LOLI team.

Announced at the closing - the winner must be present to receive the prize

A bottle of Allan Scott Sparkling Riesling - Special Reserve, unshaken. Promise.

OS//OS T shirt

2x Tickets to any event in a Positively Wellington Venue (defined by PWV).


NetHui style Open Sessions

What's a NetHui Open Session?

A NetHui­ style open session is a discussion on any topic, run by one or two facilitators. Maybe there's a topic you raised in one of the keynotes you'd like to expand on, maybe there's something you feel is missing from the programme or maybe you have a really cool skill you'd like to teach people.

You don’t need to have a presentation, or even a fully formed idea, just a good topic for conversation.

How do I propose a session?
Put your full name, email and the topic and title for a session you'd like to run (or a session you'd like to see run) on a post it note and put it on the timetable (whiteboard on the first floor). We may group sessions with similar themes together or you can group yourselves.

How do sessions get chosen?
Tick the sessions you'd like to attend (votes count!)

When do I find out what the final sessions will be?
We will announce the final session timetable on Tuesday at 11.30am, via social media and will also send an via the email you registered with. We will also email session facilitators using the email you give us.

We’ll also keep the whiteboard up with the final sessions, times and rooms.

Who do I contact if I have any questions?
Get in touch with Nicole from InternetNZ -­ the redhead usually floating around the whiteboard, or you can email her at nicole@internetnz.net.nz



This year we invite all participants to join us in an experiment of collaborative funding during the event with the funding tool Cobudget! As an OS//OS ticket holder you receive $5 credit on Cobudget, which you can invest in one of the proposed projects. To claim your $5, make sure to check your inbox for an email from Cobudget to activate your account. Read more here or go visit the Cobudget base during the conference.
Note: Money not allocated by the 30th August will be returned to the core budget. 


We have lots of spaces!! You can see which workshops are in which spaces on our programme and check out this map to find your way about the space.


  1. Ground floor
  2. First floor
  3. Second floor


  1. Auditorium
  2. Renouf Foyer #1
  3. Renouf Foyer #2
  4. Lion Harbour #1
  5. Lion Harbour #2
  6. Frank Taplin
All details found on this map.

Loomio Collaboration Clinic

The team from Loomio are hosting a collaboration clinic on the ground floor of the MFC. Loomio consultants will be on hand to help you work out great ways of using Loomio to build participatory team culture and tips and tricks for making better decisions together online.

Loomio will be offering collaboration clinic’s throughout the conference.


We are here to help! Find the following people if you are feeling lost or need something:

  • Blue shirts - Core OS//OS team
  • Red shirts - Volunteers
  • Black shirts - Enspiral Connectors

Helen (Event Producer: 027 378 7432) and Silvia (Event Director: 022 012 6366) are also available as needed.

There will also be somebody at the Information Desk at all times.


Still lost? Head down to our information desk on the ground floor or ask someone in an OS//OS T shirt.