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Hiria Te Rangi

New Zealand

Hiria is a prolific doer with a driving need to give back and MAD love for tech. So when she realised that beta data.govt would end up using open source software to surface open govt data, to make finding data easier, quicker and nicer to use, she did the dance of joy and gave high-fives over the cubicle wall.

Background wise, Hiria gets things built, usually because someone has said that a "thing" sucks really badly. She comes in to figure out what people need, what the base functionality should be and then work with a team to fix or get another "thing" built. All the while asking people "Hey what do you think of this? It's ok if you think it sucks, but can you be more specific?"

In her spare time, she likes to hatch plans to get more maori and pacifica youth into tech and is currently working on Diversify.nz a photostock website that only features New Zealand and her diverse peoples.

If you're wondering, yes, both of these things came about because she saw the data on diversity in Tech and decided to do something about it.